What is Grayloc connection?

What is Grayloc connection?

The Grayloc connector provides a highly reliable metal-to-metal seal that is both self- energized and pressure-energized. A complete Grayloc connector consists of two hubs, one seal ring, one set of clamps, stud bolts, and spherical-faced nuts. Hub sealing surfaces must be clean prior to being placed in the furnace.

What is a Grayloc flange?

Grayloc® compact flanges (GCFs) incorporate our proven metal-to-metal technology into a bolted flange design. Including the Grayloc seal ring in a compact flange design provides a solution with significant space and weight savings that outperforms conventional flanges.

What is Grayloc clamp?

The Grayloc clamp connector is the perceived business pioneer for interfacing channeling and vessel frameworks around the world. They are a metal seal ring, a clamp assembly, and a couple of hubs. The seal ring is in a cross segment that forms like the alphabet “T”.

How does a Grayloc work?

The metal Grayloc® seal ring consists of a rib and two lips. During makeup, the seal ring lips deflect inward as the connector is assembled. This deflection is controlled and is within the elastic limits of the seal ring material. Two Hubs—The clamp fits over the two hubs and forces them against the seal ring rib.

What does a grayloc connector look like?

A complete Grayloc connector consists of two hubs, one seal ring, one set of clamps, stud bolts, and spherical-faced nuts. Assembly and maintenance are easy. Seal rings are designed to be reusable and usually only one connector size is necessary for each pipe size.

Can I reuse the Rings of a grayloc connector?

Seal rings can be reused when service conditions allow. The Grayloc connector is sized according to pipe size and schedule. As a result, one Grayloc connector can be used for all piping of the same size, regardless of pressure, as shown below. This significantly reduces the necessary inventory of spare parts.

What are grayloc closure systems?

Developed in the 1960s for nuclear power operation, these connectors are recognized as industry leaders for remote and quick-opening applications. Grayloc® closure systems incorporate the field-proven design features used in Grayloc connectors, and can be supplied with safety interlocks and hinge and clamp hanger support systems.

Can the grayloc®connector be welded to a 2-inch cold Bend?

» In one test, a 2 1/2 GR20 Grayloc®connector was welded to a 2.5-inch Sch. XX pipe and subjected to a 2-inch cold bend, 36 inches on center. The connector did not leak and the clamp bolting remained tight. Compression » In normal piping applications, it is not possible to overload the Grayloc®connector or seal ring in compression.