What is Micro shiso?

What is Micro shiso?

Micro Red shiso is the tiny, young, edible version of the mature green and is typically harvested 14-25 days after sowing. Micro Red shiso is used in a variety of cuisines as a garnish and is used to elevate the taste, appearance, and texture of culinary dishes.

How do you grow shiso microgreens?

After seeds are sown, cover for about four days to allow seeds to germinate, and then uncover seeds and place under a grow light or in a place in your home that gets a lot of sunshine (rotate crop if next to a window to prevent “bending” in the microgreens). Continue to water when needed for up to a week and half.

What is shiso cress?

Taste: Shiso micro cress leaves are soft, crisp, succulent and tender. These have a delicate purple and green mix colour. The leaves are earthy and spicy with herbal and sweet flavours. The flavours and aromas of the micro herb are reminiscent of cinnamon and sage.

What is micro sorrel?

Micro Sorrel is a slender green with elongated, oval leaves that taper slightly to a curved or pointed tip. Micro Sorrel has a delicate texture with a bright, earthy, and tangy, herbal flavor, comprised of sour, lemon-like green nuances mixed with subtle acidity.

Are cucumber microgreens edible?

Micro Cucumber™ is best used fresh as an edible garnish to showcase the green’s delicate, vegetal flavor. The microgreens provide increased textural and visual appeal and are traditionally added at the end of cooking as a finishing element to prevent the leaves from wilting.

Is mint similar to shiso?

Also known as perilla leaves, shiso is indeed part of the mint family, which explains why it works so well as a foil for richer foods. Not as sharp as mint, shiso retains a subdued freshness that lingers with a twang of bitterness.

What does micro red shiso look like?

Micro Red shiso greens are very small in size, averaging 5-7 centimeters in length, and produce slender purple and green-tinged stems with 1-2 broad and flat leaves that taper to a small point. The tender, ovate leaves have a serrated edge, prominent light purple veining, and a dusty green base speckled with red and purple accents.

Is the shiso purple product ready to use?

The product is ready to use, since it is grown clean and hygienically. If Shiso Purple is kept at a temperature below 5°C, it tends to wither. However, if kept at 15°C for a couple of hours, it returns to its normal shape

What is Koppert shiso purple?

Shiso Purple is the most popular product in the Koppert Cress assortment. The unique taste is slightly reminiscent of cumin. Shiso Purple can be used in a variety of dishes and is also extremely decorative. It tastes best when combined with wild mushrooms, cheese, or bouillon.

What is shiso and where does it grow?

Shiso is native to East China where it is cultivated and has been growing wild since ancient times. In the 1850s, shiso leaves were brought to the New World, and microgreens were first grown in southern California in the 1980s-1990s.