What is Street paddle pop lick-a-prize?

What is Street paddle pop lick-a-prize?

ENGAGING 6-12 YEAR OLDS Streets Paddle Pop Lick-A-Prize is one of Australia’s longest running competitions. Each year, kids are encouraged to match pictures on sticks in order to win that prize.

How do I claim my Paddle Pop instant win?

To be eligible to claim all Instant Win (excluding Instant Win STREETS PADDLE POP ice confection prizes) and match-to-win prizes and enter any draw, consumers must register on the Paddle Pop website ( www.paddlepop.com.au ).

How did the Paddle Pop get its name?

The Paddle Pop was six months in development and given its name because its shape resembled a paddle. The shaggy-maned Paddle Pop Lion appeared in 1960 after Unilever bought Streets. Mr Street said Paddle Pops were produced only in chocolate for the first two years and were so popular the factory had to put on an extra shift of workers.

What are the streets Paddle Pop instant wins variants?

STREETS PADDLE POP instant wins variants valid for redemption of this offer include individual Chocolate, Banana, Rainbow, Hero/Villain: Choc Orange and Gooey Toffee Apple products ONLY and is subject to availability.

What is a paddlepop lick a prize competition?

(To The Mod. its on the Internet, warning ppl of this scam and requiring other ppls experiences) Ok Streets Ice Cream have a “PaddlePop” Lick a Prize competition. Where you buy an icecream and prizes are awarded when you have both sides of a prize, whereby you could win a Tent, Trampoline, Ipod etc

Is Paddle Pop USA holiday a scam?

Maybe not a scam but deceptive marketing. In this year’s competition the only way you can win the USA holiday is through an instant win stick. ie you can’t win by matching the three sticks. Check the T&C’s at paddlepop.com.au