What is the climax of the story zebra by Chaim Potok?

What is the climax of the story zebra by Chaim Potok?

The climax of the story comes when Zebra is in class and is asked to draw something that is very important to him. He draws a picture of a helicopter and a zebra running across a landscape, and he feels the sensation return to his hand. As his artistic passion is awakened, the life returns to his hand.

What is the setting of the story zebra?

The setting of this story is at the school, in the art class, and the hill where zebra got hit by the car. The main characters are, zebra/adam, john wilson, andrea, and mrs. english.

What is the resolution of the story zebra?

Zebra your moving your hand! The falling action takes place when Adam waits at the schoolyard fence for the last time, Andrea walks up to him and they start talking. The resolution is when Zebras hand gets better and he is able to move it and he isn’t depressed any more.

How did Zebra change in the story?

Zebra was a joyful boy who loved to run, however later in the story he is changed and depressed. Throughout the story Zebra is unhappy with his life due to a injury at the beginning of the story.

What is the theme of the story zebra?

Overall, the story explores the incredibly healing power of simple acts of kindness. It is Zebra’s initial act of kindness toward John that allows John the opportunity to teach a summer art class. Similarly, John’s reciprocal act of kindness in the form of a caricature encourages Zebra to take that class.

What is the exposition of the story zebra?

He had injured his leg and his hand, and had to wear a cast and a sling. This is the exposition because it introduces his problem, and it introduces the main character. One day at recess, Zebra meets a man named John Wilson. His hand is still hurting when he tries to draw.

What is the exposition of zebra?

What effect is John Wilson’s art class having on zebra?

John Wilson looks surprised/appulad when zebra makes the helicopter out of garbage. What effect is John Wilson’s art class having on Zebra? During the afternoon recess, Zebra sees John Wilson again. Wilson explains that he will be giving a summer art class.

Why did Adam’s friends give him Zebra as a nickname?

How does Adam get his nickname Zebra? How does Mr. Wilson get hurt? Zebra is a good name for Adam because he is always running and he is fast.

What effect is the art class having on zebra?

One day when they were playing in the schoolyard, Mr. Wilson comes and sketches his picture, which makes Zebra change his mind of going to the art class. Once he went to the art class, he was happier and didn’t tell sad stories anymore. The art class changed his attitude and he made a new friend.

How does zebra get his name?

Etymology. The English name “zebra” dates back to c. 1600, deriving from Italian, Spanish or Portuguese. Its origins may lie in the Latin equiferus meaning “wild horse”; from equus (“horse”) and ferus (“wild, untamed”).

Why does zebra thank John Wilson?

Zebra thanks John Wilson for teaching him how to draw with his hurt arm. He feels that he is doing his job of teaching kids how to draw.

What is the plot of zebra by Chaim Potok?

The short story Zebra written by American writer Chaim Potok tells about an injured boy who met an artist who lost his hand during the Vietnam war. The main characters discovered a hidden potential within themselves over the course of the story. The story is deductive but maybe a little bit pathetic.

What happened to Zebra in the book Zebra?

While we meet John’s character after he has already overcome his disability, Zebra is still in the early recovery stages. It requires the time that elapses during the story, as well as the support and encouragement from John, for Zebra to fully regain enough strength to run again.

What is the plot of zebra by John Steinbeck?

Plot Summary: “Zebra,” the first of six stories included in this book, is about a young boy named Adam Martin Zebrin. People call him Zebra because of his last name and because of his love for running. One day he ran too quickly down a hill and could not stop himself. A car hit him, crushing his left leg and hand.

Who is Chaim Potok?

While growing up in New York City, Chaim Potok lived the strict life of a Hasidic Jew. His parents wanted him to be a religious scholar. But by the time he was 16, Potok had started reading literature other than traditional Jewish texts. The more he read, the more he struggled between religious learning and the call to become a creative artist.