What tubes are in a Princeton Reverb?

What tubes are in a Princeton Reverb?

The Fender 65 Princeton Reverb Reissue amplifier requires the following components:

  • × 1. 12AT7. Vacuum Tube – 12AT7 / ECC81, Electro-Harmonix. Vacuum Tube – 12AT7WC, Electro-Harmonix.
  • × 3. 95 × 3. $26. 95 × 3.
  • × 1. 5AR4. Vacuum Tube – 5AR4, Chinese.
  • × 2. 6V6. Vacuum Tube – 6V6GT, Electro-Harmonix – Apex Matched Pair.

Is Princeton Reverb Class A or AB?

Both these amps are dual 6V6 amps in Class AB configuration, meaning they sound typical clean Fender tube amp from the blackface era.

What is the difference between the aa1164 Princeton Reverb and AB763?

The AA1164 Princeton Reverb is a 2x6V6 push-pull amp that’s very similar to the AB763 blackface amps except for these major differences: The Princeton Reverb uses a cathodyne phase inverter instead of the AB763’s long tail pair (LTP).

Is the Princeton Reverb a good amp for a first build?

The 1964 blackface AA1164 Princeton Reverbis an iconic compact amp that can do just about anything. It’s a very popular blackface amp kit sold by Mojotone.comand other kit makers but it is an advanced build so I don’t recommend it as a first amp build but the simplified Princeton Reverb with reverb and tremolo deletedcan be a first build.

Which rectifier for Princeton Reverb 65?

Fender absolutelty made the Princeton Reverb with a Gz34 rectifier. I have one. And it has the original tube chart. It is an early 1965 model. I have also seen both rectifiers schematic wise. The reason for the difference is that the later power transformers produced a much higher B+.The B+ is 50 volts lower on my 65 than on a 1977 that I also had.

Should I bias the power tubes on my Princeton Reverb?

Many people prefer the Princeton Reverb’s bias wiggle tremolo but it does have a downside in that if you bias the power tubes too hot you will lose some tremolo intensity. The Princeton Reverb was biased pretty cool from the factory and sounds great so don’t fret about this limitation.