Where can I watch Kaito Kid?

Where can I watch Kaito Kid?

Magic Kaito 1412 – Watch on Crunchyroll.

Does Kaito Kid have his own anime?

Something that could easily elude casual Case Closed fans is that the Kaitou Kid got his own anime a while back. This series was later adapted into an anime series in the form of Magic Kaito 1412, which came out in the Fall of 2014. This series ran a full 24 episodes and brought us into Kaito Kuroba’s world.

Is there a season 2 of Magic Kaito 1412?

Magic Kaito 1412 Season 2.

Why is Magic Kaito 1412?

He was the original Phantom Thief Kid and took on the role to overshadow his wife’s alter ego, the Phantom Lady, allowing her to leave her life of crime. He originally used the name Phantom Thief 1412 but due to Yusaku Kudo’s reading, the 1412 was read as Kid, and was used since then.

Is Magic Kaito a good anime?

The animation quality is great, the music fits well in the series, and the development of the plot is well paced. If you’ve been looking for a series to get yourself into, I definitely recommend Magic Kaito 1412. This show has humor, some romance, magic and lovable characters that don’t ask too much of the viewer.

Where can I watch Magic Kaito free?

Watch Magic Kaito 1412 online free on 4anime.

What is Kaito Kid’s IQ?

According to Saguru’s analysis during his search for Kaitou Kid’s identity, Kaito is 174 cm (5′ 8.5″) tall, weighs 58 kg (128 lbs), has an IQ of 400, and is blood type ‘B’.

Is Magic Kaito related to Detective Conan?

Magic Kaito began in 1987. Detective Conan is another series created by Gosho. It began in 1994. Magic Kaito and Detective Conan exist in the same universe.

Is kuroba toichi alive?

Toichi Kuroba (黒羽 盗一 Kuroba Tōichi?) is Kaito Kuroba’s father, a world-renowned magician, and the original Kaitou Kid….

Toichi Kuroba
Status: Assumed dead (previously) Missing (probably alive)
Aliases: Kaitou Kid Phantom Thief Kid 1412 Kaitou 1412
First appearance: Magic Kaito Chapter 1 Anime: Episode 219

Is Conan and Kaito friends?

Shinichi Kudo and Kaito Kuroba, the current Kaitou Kid, are rivals and occasional allies. Shinichi, as the shrunken Conan Edogawa, and Kaitou Kid primarily interact during heists.

Is Magic Kaito Conan?

Portrayed as Conan’s arch-rival and one of the few criminals who routinely manages to best the detective in a battle of wits, the Kaitou Kid actually has his own series — but it’s not a spin-off. That is to say, his manga, Magic Kaito, predates Conan!