Where can I watch Kiss on my Deity?

Where can I watch Kiss on my Deity?

Stream Tayutama ~ Kiss on My Deity on HIDIVE.

What is Tayutama Kiss on my Deity about?

Cobra Kai Season 4 – The Loop. Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity- tells the story of Yuuri Mito, an Ordinary High School Student with a love of motorbikes and an eccentric father. He’s also the descendant of Yachimata, a priest who sealed away spirits called Tayutai many years ago.

Where can I watch Tayutama?

Currently you are able to watch “Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity – Season 1” streaming on HiDive.

When did Tayutama Kiss on my Deity come out?

Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity (タユタマ -Kiss on my Deity-?) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Lump of Sugar. It was first released as an adult game for the PC on July 11, 2008 in both limited and regular editions, and is followed by an all-ages release for the Xbox 360.

When was the A Tayutama anime released?

A Tayutama anime adaptation was first announced in Enterbrain ‘s Tech Gian magazine on December 20, 2008. The anime series was produced by Silver Link, directed by Keitaro Motonaga and written by Makoto Ueda. The anime was first exhibited as a video at Media Factory ‘s Spring Anime Festival in the Ryōgoku KFC Hall in Tokyo, on March 29, 2009.

What is the opening theme of Tayutama it’s Happy Days?

Another maxi single, titled “The Fine Every Day”, was released on April 22, 2009. The single contains the opening theme for the anime, “The Fine Every Day”, and the opening theme for Tayutama: It’s Happy Days, “Passionate Wobble” (情熱のウォブル Jōnetsu no Uoburu?), both sung by Kicco.

Will there be a Tayutama visual novel?

Tayutama is the third title developed by Lump of Sugar, after their previous titles such as Nursery Rhyme. The producer for the visual novel is Kawauso, who has also been the producer for Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni.. Scenario for Tayutama was worked on by Chihiro Fumikata, which is the writer’s first work on a visual novel.