Where is Master Kariel Winthalus location?

Where is Master Kariel Winthalus location?

the Dire Maul library
Skeletal Remains of Kariel Winthalus The remains of Kariel Winthalus can be found in the Dire Maul library. They are next to Lorekeeper Lydros.

How do I get to the knot Thimblejack?

Knot is held captive by the Gordok Ogres and when you free him, he leaves behind his cache. In order to free Knot, you need to get the Gordok Shackle Key which drops off the ogres. Once you have the key, you talk to Knot which starts the quest Free Knot!. After he is free, he will leave.

Where do I turn in Elven Legends?

Dire Maul North
To turn in this quest, go to Dire Maul North (requires Crescent Key to enter) in Feralas. Once inside, go down the stairs and go left through a door that leads you through a long corridor.

What is libram of tenacity for?

With some work you can turn in the Libram of Tenacity to Mathredis Firestar to receive a Lesser Arcanum of Tenacity, which will permanently add 125 armor to your own leg or head slot item. Applying the Arcanum will make the item soul bound.

Where is the ogre tannin?

Dire Maul
The Ogre Tannin is found once every Dire Maul North instance run — it’s in a basket, in the far corner of the balcony, right after you pass Guard Slip’kik and turn the corner, heading up the ramp (and dealing with the groups of mobs at the foot and head of the ramp).

How do you get Gordok ogre suit?

This suit is a reward for a quest picked up by Knot Thimblejack in Dire Maul North. Then you get this suit which turns you into an Ogre.

How do I get to the Dire Maul library?

The northern wing of Dire Maul is accessible directly north of the arena inside of the main courtyard. The northern section contains a quick entrance to the library which connects the northern and western wings together. You’ll need a crescent key (or 300 lockpicking) to enter the northern entrance and the library.

Where can I find Felvine shards?

The Felvine Shards are located in Dire Maul. The shards can only be acquired after killing Alzzin the Wildshaper, who is the final boss of Dire Maul’s Warpwood Quarter (east).

What does libram of voracity do?

to receive a Lesser Arcanum of Voracity, which will permanently add 8 Agility, Intellect, Spirit, Strength or Stamina to a leg or head slot item.