Where is the mother and child in Macalania Woods?

Where is the mother and child in Macalania Woods?

At Macalania, you’ll find a mother and son standing near the save point at Macalania Woods South. The mother will mention that her husband is supposed to meet her. Go to the Macalania Woods Campsite area and talk with the man on the right, who is her husband.

Does Yuna ever find Tidus in FFX 2?

If players are able to reach 100% completion, they will unlock two post-credit scenes which show Yuna finally being reunited with Tidus. After the Good Ending marks Tidus’ triumphant return, the Perfect Ending shows a scene with Yuna and Tidus revisiting Zanarkand.

How do you get the Celestial Mirror in FFX?

The Celestial Mirror For starters you must first visit the Remiem Temple to participate in a Chocobo race. Win this and you’ll be rewarded with the Cloudy Mirror. Next, head for Macalania Woods. Talk to the mother and child there, they will tell you that their husband/father is missing.

When can I get celestial weapons?

You cannot get any Celestial Weapon until after Zanarkand, although you can collect some components on the way. When you power up a Celestial Weapon with Auron, Yuna, Wakka, Lulu or Kimahri’s crests, they break damage limits for Yojimbo, Valefor, Ifrit, Shiva, and Ixion respectively.

How do you unlock the Magus Sisters?

Head to the Calm Lands and get a chocobo from the Chocobo Trainer. Defeat Belgemine’s Aeons until Bahamut to obtain the Flower Scepter. Head to the back of the room inside Remiem Temple and interact with it. Use the Blossom Crown and Flower Scepter to unlock the door and obtain the Magus Sisters.

Was Tidus a ghost?

The main character Tidus is not a real human. Rather, he and the other residents of his city are descendants of humans created 1,000 years ago through summoning.

Is Anima the strongest Aeon?

Anima is arguably the strongest aeon as her attacks and Overdrive deal nearly 99,999 damage upon receiving her (if the player has been improving Yuna stats). In raw numbers, only Sandy (one of the Magus Sisters) is stronger than Anima.

How do I get back to Macalania Woods?

Macalania Woods You can either walk there or use the Airship to travel to Lake Macalania and then backtrack from there. Use the Save Sphere at Remiem Temple to board the Airship and then warp down to Lake Macalania as this is the quickest route.