Who owns Saybrook?

Who owns Saybrook?

Saybrook is fully owned and operated by two principals, Scott Hirsch and Luke Babcock. Both trained in a similar value-oriented approach and have focused their entire careers on investing. They do their own independent research, make all investment decisions, and are committed to serving Saybrook clients.

What are Saybrook private equity funds?

Saybrook private equity funds invest in lower middle market companies with operational or capital structure complexity that causes many investors to push away. We find these types of companies are undervalued by the market resulting in an attractive investment opportunity.

Why invest in Saybrook infrastructure?

Additionally, we believe in investing in people, so our approach focuses on finding the right management team to seek to drive results. Saybrook Infrastructure focuses on investments in Supply Chain related industries that typically include an element of real estate development and infrastructure to improve the flow of goods.

Who is Saybrook’s new finance director?

Mr. Rosenthal joined Saybrook in 2017. Prior to joining Saybrook, Mr. Rosenthal was an officer in the finance department of an International NGO, International Medical Corps, involved in the management of the company’s portfolios for Europe, Asia, and Multi-Country projects. Mr.