What is LC Adaptor?

What is LC Adaptor?

LC adapter is designed to work together with the complete LC fiber optic family to offer an optimal, high-density solution for the network. It features a self-adjusting mechanism, which accommodates patch panels of thickness between 1.55 to 1.75 mm.

What does LC stand for in fiber optics?

Lucent Connector
LC Fiber Optic Patch Cord. LC stands for Lucent Connector and was developed by Lucent Technologies in the 1990s. LC connector is a small form-factor fiber optic connector and was developed to replace SC connector due to their smaller size.

What is an LC connector type?

A Lucent connector (LC) is a connector with a 1.25 mm ferrule, half the size of an SC or ST connector. LC connectors are frequently used as their small footprint makes them ideal for high-density installations.

What is the difference between LC and SC connectors?

This is one of the basic differences between these two connectors. The SC connector has a ferrule of 2.5mm while the LC features a 1.25mm ferrule which exactly half of the SC size. Because of the smaller size, LC is more commonly used in offices and data centers where there are clusters of fiber optic cables.

Why are the small duplex connectors popular?

This Connector is very popular due to various reasons. Primarily, LC duplex connectors are so small that it has a 1.25mm pin type ferrule. The combination of its size and latch feature makes the LC duplex connectors excellent to be used in a highly populated patch panels or ODF.

What are the different types of Molex SC connectors?

Molex SC connectors are available with a metal plug one-piece design or polymer plug tunable design, with either a simplex, duplex fixed or duplex floating, Fibre Channel compliant, housing style.

What types of SC simplex and duplex adapters are available?

SC Adapters offer a variety of SC simplex and duplex mating adapters. Options are available for zirconia ceramic or phosphor bronze alignment sleeves suitable for single mode, multimode or APC operation, snap mount or screw mount installation, as well as optional adapter shutters.

What is the bend radius of a Molex fiber optic cable?

Molex’s indoor- and outdoor-rated SC/APC connectors and cable assemblies with ultra-bend insensitive fiber offer superior optical performance and a small bend radius of 5.00mm, ideal for compact spaces where cable routing is constrictive, including premise and industrial applications.

What are the benefits of the LC connector?

The LC connector has reduced the space requirements on equipment bays and distribution panels by 50%. Adapters are available with a shutter providing a barrier against harmful light emissions and with either precise zirconia ceramic alignment sleeves.