What is the difference between Polaris 360 and 380?

What is the difference between Polaris 360 and 380?

From Polaris Website, 380 requires a booster pump, 360 requires a dedicated pressure line without an additional pump: Powered by triple jets and a separate booster pump, the Polaris 380 is one of our most powerful, durable cleaners and is suitable for all in-ground pools.

Why is Polaris 380 floating?

A Leaky Hose Leaks in the Polaris hose cause the cleaner to lose pressure, allowing it to float above the pool bottom. To check for leaks, turn the system on and pull the hose out of the water one section at a time, looking for bubbles or trickles of water.

How does Polaris 380 work?

Powered by triple jets, the Polaris 380 sweeps, scrubs and vacuums the bottom, walls and steps of the pool and holds debris in its single chamber filter bag. Its unique filter bag removes debris before it reaches your pump basket or filter, prolonging the life of your filtration system.

Do I have a Polaris 360 or 380?

The serial number can be found on the back of the cleaner. The newer Polaris cleaner models have the serial number stamped on a sticker on the back of the cleaner. If the serial number starts with a “K” it will be a 380, if it starts with “C” it will be a 280, if it starts with a “L” it will be a 360.

Does a Polaris 380 need a booster pump?

The Polaris® 380 is one of the few cleaners powered by the pressure of clean water returning to your pool. The Polaris® 380 comes complete with filter bag, hose assembly, back-up valve & wall fitting. **Note the Polaris® 380 requires a Polaris® Booster Pump to operate.

How long should you run your Polaris pool cleaner?

If you want to keep the pool clean, you can run the 280 for as long as you want, but it will wear out quicker if you run it a lot. It takes about 3 hours to clean a standard pool.

Why is my Polaris going in circles?

Sometimes it gets stuck in the corner of the pool by the steps; other times it goes in circles. This is most likely caused when pool cleaners are left in the pool 24/7. When the water is cold or cools off from a warm day, the plastic in the hose gets a memory and curls slightly.

Can I use a booster pump with a Polaris 360?

Operates without a separate booster pump The Polaris Vac-Sweep® 360 features advanced technology cleaning without the need for a separate booster pump.

Is it OK to leave Polaris in pool?

You may only need to run the cycle two to three times a week. Leaving the machine in the water during that time exposes it to the elements unnecessarily. This exposure could cause the seals to deteriorate faster, allowing for leaks and damage to the electronic components.

How long should I run my Polaris pool cleaner?

run the 280 for as long as it keeps the pool clean, this could be 1 hour per day to 6 hours per day depending on the amount of debris is in the pool, but remember the 280 has gears and cogs so the more you run it the quicker it will wear out. On average it should take about 3 hours to clean a standard size pool.

What is a Polaris 380 cleaner?

Powered by triple jets and a separate booster pump, the Polaris 380 is one of our most powerful, durable cleaners, is suitable for all in-ground pools, and requires a…

What kind of pump do I need for my Polaris 380?

The 380 requires a separately available booster pump, such as the PB4-60. Polaris pressure pumps are specifically designed to operate your cleaner at optimum cleaning efficiency. The compact, rugged design allows for maximum performance.

How is the 380 powered?

The 380 is powered by the pressure provided of an independent booster pump (sold separately). It features a 31′ swivel pressure hose, back-up valve, an all-purpose filter bag, and rear sweep hose.

Is the Polaris VAC-sweep 280 a good vacuum cleaner?

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is a powerful pressure-side pool cleaner for all in-ground pools and easily connects to a dedicated pressure line. Featuring the iconic three-wheel design, the 280 vacuums, sweeps, and scrubs the bottom and walls of any size or shape pool.